Fyansford waste recovery
facility and landfill

Supporting landfill needs for the Geelong and South-Western Victorian communities.

The Fyansford waste recovery and landfill site plays a crucial role in the Geelong region, catering to a substantial geographic area.

Our Fyansford site accepts solid inert waste as well as prescribed industrial waste (asbestos) under EPA license OL000011848. Operating according to this license, our Fyansford site regularly undergoes license compliance assessments and larger annual assessments, ensuring our waste management practices are safe for the surrounding communities as well as our staff

Keeping disruptions to a minimum

Sycle manages our Fyansford facility under an EPA license, holding the facility’s environmental management to a high standard to ensure it doesn’t affect our surrounding community.

The facility is equipped with a range of specialised tools to manage operations. Central to this is the management and suppression of dust, noise and odour, where significant investments have been made to ensure we operate within the guidelines of our EPA license. Some of these investments include:

  • On-site street sweepers and water carts to minimise airborne dust
  • Ongoing use of Polo Citrus dust suppressant products, an Australian brand that produces environmentally friendly cleaning and dust suppressant solutions
  • An upcoming biofilter initiative, partnering with industry-leading consultants using organic media to suppress odours. Past trials at similar facilities have had successful results, and all testing and monitoring is conducted and reported by an independent environmental consultant.

Socially minded

Sycle was born in the Geelong region, and we care about our community. Since setting up operations, Sycle has engaged with various Geelong-based community programs:

Sycle also engages with Wamarra to provide operational support at our facilities. Wamarra is an Indigenous-run business that provides meaningful careers to Aboriginal people through long-term and sustainable employment.

Since taking ownership of the Fyansford landfill in November 2021, Sycle has invested heavily in upgrading the facility to lessen its impact on the surrounding community and improve efficiencies. These upgrades include:

The addition of new office and administration facilities to support the facility’s day-to-day operations.

The opening of a new specialised domestic waste area which separates small vehicle (community) access from heavy vehicle (industrial) access and ensures a safer operating environment.

The revision of the site’s main entrance area to aid vehicle flow and allow safer access to the facility.

The revision of the site’s internal layout, incorporating new internal haul roads and processing operations in line with our environmental management obligations, making the facility safer.

The addition of a number of specialised plant and machinery allows us to salvage waste materials for reuse, limiting the negative environmental impacts of the landfill and contributing to a true circular economy.

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Sycle will be commencing OH&S site works on Saturday 20th April to Sunday 21st April and the follow Saturday 27th April& Sunday 28th April.
Works will include upgrading site safety and ensuring onsite OH&S compliancy for staff and customers.