A better business model for the building and construction sectors has arrived.

Sycle has an ambitious vision to build a better world together by creating a circular economy that changes the way the building industry manages resources and waste. 

We’re built on solid values, backed by the Symal Group with 20 years of industry experience. Our trusted owners have a strong reputation for delivering and driving change for a better tomorrow. 

In a rapidly changing and uncertain climate, communities, governments, and businesses are looking for ever more innovative ways to tackle the very real and complex waste challenges of today. Climate change, increasing costs of living and the need to reduce waste all pose a challenge in continuing to provide the public infrastructure needed for a growing and changing community. Sycle is up to this challenge. 

At Sycle, we see a future where the $2 billion the construction industry spends on waste services per year, is reinvested into solutions that could reduce our impact on the environment and transform today’s waste into tomorrow’s foundations.  

We knew there had to be a better way. 

That starts now.