Solving big problems that matter. We take construction and demolition waste that would normally go to landfill and repurpose it into new materials – not just to build new things, but to build a better business model for everyone.

Less than 12% of all building materials currently come from recycled goods. It’s a woefully low figure, but one that can change with the right strategy, investment, and vision. Sycle has that purpose, driven by a desire to protect future generations through smart and sustainable waste solutions.

By putting the earth first in everything we do, Sycle can make a difference by reducing construction and demolition waste production and giving back through regenerated and recycled products for a greener future.

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Due to recent weather disruption we plan to operate this coming Saturday 20th July, with minimal plant supporting daily operations into the coming week. Every attempt will be made to minimise public disturbance and we appreciate your support in those efforts.