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The time to act is now.

Sycle is driven by the desire to protect the environment for our children and future generations. Through innovation and determination, clever sustainable solutions, together we can reduce, regenerate and renew. ​

Together, let us focus our energy on smart sustainable waste solutions to help deliver Australia’s carbon neutral future.​

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1300 0 SYCLE

Avalon Waste Resource Recovery Centre

45 Beach Road
Avalon VIC

Laverton Waste Resource Recovery Centre

32 Maria Street
Laverton North VIC

Fyansford Waste Management Facility

Lower Paper Mills Road,
Fyansford VIC

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We believe there's a better way.

We believe in applying ourselves to solve big problems that matter.​

We believe there’s always a better way.​

We believe what’s good for the environment is good for our future (and the bottom line).​

Due to recent weather disruption we plan to operate this coming Saturday 20th July, with minimal plant supporting daily operations into the coming week. Every attempt will be made to minimise public disturbance and we appreciate your support in those efforts.