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We have a
better way.

The Sycle solution offers broad, future-proofing capability in the waste and resource space.

We have the innovative technology and forward-thinking ideas to meet the sustainability demands of the 21st century.​

A circular economy that changes the way the industry operates.

By taking construction waste that would go to landfill and putting it back into reusable high-quality solutions, we are helping businesses reconfigure the way they work. ​

Our team is committed to working with our clients to offer proven solutions that help reduce our carbon footprint, repurpose salvageable waste, protect the earth’s natural resources and bring the future of construction methods to now!

Sycle’s fresh approach to waste management.

Rethinking traditional supply chains and reducing our impact on natural resources.​

Sycle has the capabilities to deliver solutions for the end-of-life challenges of waste within the construction industry, by closing the loop with added value and climate protection all in one.

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Due to recent weather disruption we plan to operate this coming Saturday 20th July, with minimal plant supporting daily operations into the coming week. Every attempt will be made to minimise public disturbance and we appreciate your support in those efforts.