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Sycle Avalon

A cleaner way to do business.

Sycle’s Avalon waste and resource recovery centre, strategically located with direct freeway access to Melbourne and Geelong, is a 100 acre facility, capable of 24 hour operation and truck turnaround times of less than 15 minutes.

At our Avalon facility we accept numerous waste streams including concrete, asphalt, brick, rock, plasterboard, tyres, timbers, plastic drain pipes, concrete pipes, topsoil and much more. We repurpose these materials and send them back out to market.

Value-added materials include Vicroads specified crushed rock and concrete, mulch, recycled plastic, gypsum, shredded tyres, Vicroads specified topsoil, soil conditioner, chipped timber and so much more.

Sycle Avalon


A greener future.

Sycle Fyansford is a waste management facility with resource recovery capability. Our green star certified, EPA-licenced landfill offers a full-service solution to manage end-to-end construction and demolition waste.

Sycle Fyansford is a licensed asbestos facility with WorkSafe accreditations to receive and dispose of asbestos. We employ an inhouse asbestos and environmental coordinator that brings a niche capability within our own four walls.

Sycle can divert up to 98% of materials from ending up in landfill. We’re transforming waste management by providing new solutions to old problems with 80% of incoming materials considered for reuse and repurposing with future environmental impacts front of mind.

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Facility features

EPA-licenced and green star certified.

VicRoads certified construction materials.

Strategic location with freeway access.

Circular economy solutions.

Sustainable recycling.

All-weather, 24/7 operation.

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Due to recent weather disruption we plan to operate this coming Saturday 20th July, with minimal plant supporting daily operations into the coming week. Every attempt will be made to minimise public disturbance and we appreciate your support in those efforts.